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An Origin Story

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Amy Kapernick

Five years ago I decided to rebuild my parents' business' website for their Christmas present. It was very out of date, the instructions the developer had given them were incredibly complicated and they were quoting a minimum of $400 to make any content changes. While rebuilding the site I realised how much I loved doing it, and I had an epiphany

This is something I could do!

My Goals

With the internet taking over all aspects of our lives, there was increasing pressure on businesses to have their own online presence. But this then required businesses to hire a web developer and then learn how to update their website once it was live. As if running a business wasn't stressful enough!

So I decided to solve the problem and started AimHigher Web Design. My goal was to make the process of building and maintaining a website more accessible. To make building a website more affordable and provide options to make it easier. To give advice and information on their options and what was possible. To "translate" the process for them in a way that can be understood if they're not overly technical. And to continue to work with them after the website is finished to answer questions and perform maintenance when needed.

My goal was to take away the stress of building and maintaining a website, so that my clients can focus on what they know best - their business.

What's in a Name

When the time came to choose a name, I turned to my family for help. I wanted to include the phrase Web Design as it's the most commonly searched phrase when someone is looking to get a website built (rather than searching for Web Development). When I was growing up, I was fiercely independent and hard headed and insisted on doing things for myself from a young age. Even when learning to ride a bike I refused the help of my parents and insisted "Am Do". Very quickly, everything became "Am Do" and even when I grew up, the phrase "Am Do" continued to be used, like when I moved all the way from Queensland to Perth to go to uni. So after a short session brainstorming names, "Am Do" was brought up again, and in an attempt to integrate the key phrase from my childhood, we came up with AimHigher Web Design.

After building my business on the side for a while, towards the end of 2017 I took advantage of an unfortunate set of circumstances and started focusing on it fulltime. Today now marks 5 years since I first started AimHigher Web Design and I'm thankful for it every day. During that time I've had the chance to help a wide range of different businesses and individuals from various industries with not only building websites but also maintaining them and providing support.

It's been a pleasure working with each and every one of my clients during the past 5 years, and I'd like to thank them all for letting me be a part of their business and help them through their journey. I look forward to the years ahead and not only continuing to work with my existing clients, but having the chance to work with many more small businesses.

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